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Secure Storage in Prineville Oregon

Secure Storage in Prineville Oregon opened in 2015 to serve the residents of Prineville Oregon and our neighboring communities. We’ve worked hard to create the most comprehensive storage rental Prineville Oregon has ever had. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a broad array of amenities at our facility:

  • Storage units in six different sizes
  • Climate controlled storage
  • Enclosed and covered RV storage
  • Enclosed and covered car storage
  • Large 24×45 enclosed storage for an RV and a car
  • Enclosed and covered boat storage
  • Toy storage for bikes, snowmobiles and campers
  • Storage for all of your business needs

Self Storage Facility in PrinevilleWe supply personal storage units of all sizes for items that you want to hold onto but don’t have the storage capacity for at your home or business. Family heirlooms, holiday decorations and seasonal gear can all be stored in your personal storage unit. Our sizes range from mini to LARGE, so rest assured you’ll be able to find the amount of storage space you need without having to pay for space that you won’t use. Contact our Prineville storage office at #541-447-2200 to reserve your unit today!

RV storage: We offer multiple RV storage options. You can choose to store your RV in an enclosed area or in an outdoor covered area. All RV storage units provide electrical outlets to charge your RV’s battery and a dump station for your convenience.

Toy storage: The largest units we rent we call our toy bins. These giant enclosed units are bigger than our RV units and allow room for multiple boats, ATVs, snow mobiles, cars, and whatever else you have in mind. These units are great for people with lots of seasonal toys- so you can focus on your in-season hobbies, while your out-of-season gear is kept safe from wear-n-tear.

Climate control: We provide the newest technology in climate controlled storage facilities in Prineville Oregon. The climate control storage building is heated, cooled and humidified. This feature indoor storage facility roomis essential for numerous items, including antiques, sensitive documents, wine, electronics, musical instruments and also new appliances. Many newer washing machines are required to keep water inside of them, even when they’re stored. Our climate controlled storage units will keep your new appliances from freezing, which can cause irreparable damage.

Security:We maintain the safety of our storage facility by using a state-of-the-art security system and by keeping 24/7 on-site managers. In our entire existence as a storage company, we have NEVER had a theft- that’s almost 30 years! We are excited for Prineville Secure Storage to join our team of safe storage facilities.

In Prineville storage can be hard to come across- but not anymore. We have built our storage units in Prineville, Oregon with intentional design in order to meet all of your storage needs and provide you with an optimal storage experience. You even get free use of our moving truck when you rent from us, which cuts down on the cost and hassle of moving.

We are the newest storage facility in Prineville Oregon. Come visit us to find out more about the amenities we offer. We guarantee you’ll be impressed with the service we provide our customers and their belongings.

We hope you’ll consider Secure Storage in Prineville Oregon for all of your storage needs! Contact our Prineville storage office at #541-447-2200 to reserve your unit today!

Tightly Sealed Long-term Storage

A true testament of a successful business is happy customers who share their feedback. And Secure Storage has just received some feedback that we would like to share with you. Why? Because even after providing long term storage for customers across Oregon for more than 27 years, positive feedback like this still puts a smile on our faces.
A customer named, Loraine, offered this comment about our Redmond facility. “We were so pleased that after all this winter snow and rain our storage unit was absolutely tight and there was no moisture or damage to our items. Thanks for everything.”

Two Storage Unit Features Made the Difference

What makes us particularly happy about Loraine’s comment is that she zeroed in on two features that we added, not because they were necessarily needed, but because we felt they would protect our customer’s belongings better. And we were right!

The first feature (shown above) is the addition of a concrete lip that’s in the front of each storage unit’s door preventing water to puddle and get into a unit.


The second is the construction and material of our storage units. Each unit’s concrete floors and galvanized steel walls add strength and durability, plus helps prevent moisture from entering—and prevents the chance of fire or theft.

Just think, these features are offered with our basic, everyday type of long term storage. You don’t even need to reserve one of our climate-controlled units to have your things really safe from outside elements.

Choose us, and get the best protection around.

Use Us for Classic Car Storage

By Marcus Walker

We would like to talk with you, car buffs out there. Why not wrap-up the year by clearing out space in your garage and storing your extra car(s) with us? We know you gain a lot of satisfaction from seeing your classic car everyday—whether it gets you thinking about a time when you can actually work on it more, or it lets you admire the work you’ve done so far. But, you probably can also see how the extra space could be good…and be good for the family.

Thankful Wife and Kids

Imagine how happy your wife will be when she gets to park HER car in the garage this winter or has more room for overages from Costco and more room for bikes and skis. Another great reason to using us for your classic car storage is: your investment will be protected and secure.

With us, you can choose fully enclosed car storage or covered car storage depending on your car and budget. Our 10×20 units in Bend and 4 other locations can comfortably store a vehicle. Besides this, we have covered classic car storage (12×30 and 12×40 feet) in Redmond and larger (14×45 feet) enclosed car storage units in Hillsboro, and the granddaddy of them all, car storage units (24×39 feet) in Redmond!

Which Storage for Rent Place to Choose?

By Marcus Walker

This is the third and final post in our series written to help you locate the best storage for rent place. Our first post, “How to Choose Best Rental Storage” showed areas that can be dissimilar between storage facilities, and our second post, “How to Choose Safest Storage” focused on the differences with regards to security. This one discusses various amenities that can be offered, so you will have more information to base your decision on. Because let’s face it, extra convenience and amenities can really help—and make you feel like you’re getting a great deal.

John was glad that his fiancée agreed to hold off on the wedding plans for a year, so he could take the new work assignment in Hillsboro on a trial basis. He planned to let his apartment go and store most of his stuff for at least six months. Once he started his search to find self storage, he couldn’t believe how many options there were. What’s more, he felt like he didn’t have the time to really check them out. A friend gave him some guidance. Go visit a few and ask them “What do you offer that the place down the street doesn’t?” This, he said, will save you time and let you know whether you’re getting a good place and a good deal.

Offer Free Truck with Storage Rental

Cutting to the chase and asking this one question did pay-off for John. Because he learned that only one, Secure Storage, offered the use of a move-in truck totally free (saving him money and time); and only one, Secure Storage again, had a facility in Bend and Hillsboro, making it easy to transport his stuff and store it closer to home if the new job panned out—without having to find self storage all over again. This made the decision easy.

We suggest you cut to the chase too and focus on which storage facility is going to offer you the most value. Good luck in your search.

Choose Safest Storage

By Marcus Walker

This is the second in a series of blog posts designed to help you, the consumer, choose the best rent storage place for your personal or business valuables. Sure there are a lot of storage rental places, but which are more secure? And which security measures are the most important? A customer recently found out the answers to these questions that we share below:

Liz had just retired and was considering spending the next year traveling abroad. However, she was dragging her feet about making the decision because she was concerned about the safety of her photographic equipment in the home. Something that began as a hobby grew into a side job and she hoped to continue being a freelance photographer in retirement. So she decided finding a safe storage facility outside of the home would be smart.

After visiting three facilities close by, she learned that they were not created equal. For example, only one offered onsite managers, who were there to minimize the chance of personal theft. And, only one offered Controlled Keypad for Safest Storage Entryindividual unit alarms that would automatically arm and rearm themselves after each of her visits. Plus, only one offered steel walls that could help protect against a fire or other disaster.

Secure Storage turned out to be the safest storage place who provided all three protection measures, besides high fences and surveillance cameras. This made the decision easy.

We suggest you too, decide on the degree of security that will make you feel most comfortable. Because losing thousands of dollars in theft or property damage is no fun.  Learn more >


New RV & Boat Storage in Redmond

By Marcus Walker
Secure Storage has some exciting news for Redmond, OR! As many people know, Central Oregon is a hot spot for camping, boating and enjoying the beautiful landscape. This is part of the reason why RV and boat storage is so popular at our Redmond location. We also offer boat and RV storage at our Prineville storage facility as well.

Secure Storage announces new outdoor RV & boat storage space at our Redmond location. This is good news for the neighborhood because their existing boat and RV storage is consistently full. Now folks who think there’s nothing better than a mini-vacation, hitting the road in a RV and sleeping among the smell of pine trees or spending time boating at a nearby lake—can do so without a problem. Secure Storage offers you access to the great outdoors at your convenience!

Reserve Your Boat and RV Storage Space

There are 129 new storage spaces at our Redmond facility with two different sizes to choose from. We also offer prices at a very economical rate for either our 12 x 30 space or our 12 x 40 space. The new addition is expected to give customers’ great value—considering that all spaces will be completely paved, secure and well lit. Secure Storage is also offering customers with the best facility access (from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) every day of the year through an individual key code.

Spots to store your RV or boat are filling up quickly. Reserve your RV and boat storage today!

(Anticipated move-in date is scheduled for the week of September 9.)

Choose Best Rental Storage

By Marcus Walker

This is the first in a series of blog posts designed to help you, the consumer, choose the best rental storage. Sure there are a lot of storage rental places out there. And as you search the web and drive by those in your neighborhood, you might think they’re similar and offer similar amenities, but they don’t. Here are two examples:

Offer Climate Controlled StorageWhen John and his family relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area to Hillsboro, OR, they needed a storage rental company that could safely store the majority of their furniture, appliances, ski boat and belongings until their home was ready in two months. What they learned after calling three competitors was that only Hillsboro Secure Storage offered: climate-controlled storage for the protection of their valuables; covered boat storage and a large, 10×30 foot storage unit.

This made the decision easy.


Offer Free Truck with Storage RentalWhen Bridgette got her roommate, she had to clean out everything in the extra bedroom and move it to a storage rental unit. She wasn’t interested in a lot of fuss; just wanted to reserve a small, convenient unit. She was surprised and happy to learn that Secure Storage would give her free use of their truck for moving everything—and let her move in on the 15th of the month without having to pay for the full month.

This made Secure Storage the easy choice.


We encourage you too, to check-out the differences!

Short Term Storage Needed

By Marcus Walker

Short Term Storage When Life Is A ChallengeSome might say that the best thing to do after losing a loved one is to move on quickly. Others will say, you need time to grieve and come to terms with the loss. Whichever approach you choose, you will benefit from arranging some short term storage. The extra personal storage, will give you more flexibility on what to do first. You’ll be able to move out loved one’s possessions and clean, rent or sell the space while biding some time to deal with the emotion that sorting and coordinating of their belongings can bring.

Put Off Decisions with Personal Storage

If you find the thought of sorting through your loved one’s things too painful, consider this option and arrange for some short term storage. Having the convenience of personal storage, will allow you to clear your head and heal before choosing what to save for yourself and other family members, and what to sell or donate. Putting off both big and small decisions during this time can be smart.

With Secure Storage, you can sign up for as little as one month of personal storage or have it longer. And because we offer multiple sizes, you can choose the best size—and price—to match your needs.

Thinkin’ About RVing and RV Storage

By Marcus Walker

RV Storage for New LifestyleSo you have come into some extra income possibly from an inheritance or from landing a new job.  Now comes the fun part—where to spend the money after you lock some of it away. If you’re thinking about investing the money toward a recreational vehicle, so you can have greater closeness with family and friends plus have the flexibility to travel more often, we say what a great idea.

A recent study by PKF Consulting USA for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association confirmed that RV travel is 23-59 percent less expensive than other types of vacations for a family of four (and 11-46 percent less for a couple). Even when RV ownership costs and fuel prices were considered, the study found that RV vacations are significantly more cost efficient than traditional vacations traveling by car or plane and staying in a hotel or rental home/condo.

Convenient RV Storage

Once you make your purchase, rest assured that we can help you with convenient RV storage. Three of our Oregon locations (Redmond, Hillsboro, Prineville, and Hood River) offer reliable RV self storage with 7-day-a-week access from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Talk about convenient.

Choose city closest to you—and check Secure Storage availability right now.

Redecorate Easier with Household Storage

By Marcus Walker

Thank goodness for spring. Not only does it allow us to open our windows and doors and let fresh air in, but it can also put us in the mood for spring cleaning. Which can, in turn get us in the mood for redecorating.

Are You Feeling the Urge?

Are you feeling the urge to redecorate your home? Bring in fresh ideas and colors that communicate your likes and your new preferences? Let us be a self-storage resource. Because whatever you are planning, you probably will need some handy household stoStorage Unit Rental When Redecoratingrage.

Maybe you are contemplating a more modern—or an enduring cottage—look for your living room. Maybe you’re thinking about transforming a small breakfast nook into something built in. No matter the project, once you start, you will benefit from a storage unit rental. Secure Storage offers multiple household storage units, so you can be efficient and only pay for the space you need.

Before redecorating, we suggest you clear out the room first and store its contents in one of our storage units. Not cluttering the space before achieving the look you’re shooting for is key for success. A clean space to work in, can allow for inspiration to strike. This is where a storage facility can come in handy. With our secure, easy-access self-storage units, you can store your household items while you work. Like so many of our customers, storage can provide both a long-term and temporary solution for whatever life brings you. Come see one of our facilities today!

So enjoy the creative process more by reserving a storage unit rental with us now.