Oregon Indoor Boat Storage Facility

By Marcus Walker

Boats are expensive prized possessions. You want to ensure that it is stored securely and protected from natural elements such as moisture, mould, and rust. Damages to boats can be expensive and tedious to repair. Boats that are well taken care of can last for many years to come.

Before deciding on a boat self storage location in Oregon, weigh the pros and cons of an indoor boat storage unit versus an outdoor one. Factors that come into play include price, location and security. Although an outdoor boat storage facility allows you quick access to the water, indoor boat storage facilities ensure the following:

Winter Boat Storage in Oregon

Oregon winters can be harsh and unpredictable. A winter boat storage facility might be the choice for you. Secure Storage’s climate-controlled storage units act as a good indoor boat storage location.

Our winter boat storage units have controlled humidity levels and are set to an ideal temperature of 55-65 degrees. The controlled access and facility-wide security ensure that your boat will be secure and free from vandalism and theft. Our on-site dump stations and large wide entrances provide the convenience you need.

Before you use an indoor boat storage facility, don’t forget to do the following to ensure your boat is properly winterized:

  • Change the oil filter, add a fuel stabilizer and fill up the tank
  • Flush the engine with fresh water
  • Run a fogging solution through the engine
  • Spray external engine parts with anti-corrosion film
  • Remove batteries
  • Wash off exterior, drain all water and apply wax to maximize protection

Secure Storage offers boat self storage facilities in various Oregon cities, including Redmond Oregon storage unit, Hood River Oregon storage unit, Prineville Oregon storage unit, and Hillsboro Oregon storage unit.

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