Making the Personal Storage Decision – With Free Moving Truck!

By Marcus Walker

Running out of personal storage space in your garage, basement or attic? In-between houses? Need more living space?

Fret not. Like you, many Americans are experiencing problems of lack of space and personal storage at home. Secure Storage’s personal storage solutions can meet your needs—convenience, security, and trustworthiness. We will even provide a free moving truck to help you transport your belongings.

Self Storage with Free Moving Truck

Personal storage units come in various sizes with varying prices depending on your needs. Whether you are storing inherited furniture from your great grandparents or seasonal equipment such snowmobiles, Secure Storage has personal storage units that suit your needs.

Residential Storage in Oregon

Picking the size of a residential storage unit can be a daunting task. Secure Storage has come up with some tips to help you choose the right sized storage unit. Here is a quick summary:

5×10: Great for students. With 50 sq ft of storage space, it can hold a couch and a chair, dresser, mattress set and some other small items and boxes.

10×10: With 100 sq ft of residential storage space, this is perfect for furniture from a one-bedroom apartment without appliances. It can hold couches, entertainment centers and dining tables.

10×15: This 150 sq ft residential storage unit can hold contents from a one bedroom apartment with appliances. Alternatively, it can be good for contents of a two bedroom apartment with smaller items.

10×20: Because of its size, this residential storage unit can hold contents of a two bedroom home with appliances. Mattresses, a dining table and couches have no problems fitting in here. The size of this residential storage unit is similar to that of a one car garage.

10×25: With 250 sq ft of space, you can easily store contents from a three bedroom home in this residential storage unit. It can also fit a classic car with room for other prized possessions. This size is also great for outdoor equipment like kayaks, canoe and snowmobiles.

10×30: With 300 sq ft of residential storage space, you can fit contents from a large home. Also perfect for business owners to store equipment, inventory, shelving units and a work truck.

Secure Storage’s personal storage locations are conveniently located around Oregon. Personal storage locations in Oregon include Ashland storage, Bend storage, Hillsboro storage, Hood River storage and Redmond storage.

Consider Oregon personal storage units rental today!

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