RV Storage in Hillsboro, Oregon – Top Things To Consider

By Marcus Walker

There are many things to consider when it comes to RV storage in Hillsboro. As RVs are high investment items, it is important to find the RV storage facility that meets your RV storage needs.

Outdoor or Indoor RV Storage: If you have contemplated parking your RV at your home or choosing an outdoor RV storage because of price, think twice. By exposing your RV to elements like rain and UV rays, you risk damage to your RV. At our indoor RV storage facility in Hillsboro, our enclosed RV storage units protect your RV from natural elements.

Offer Indoor RV Storage in Hillsboro

RV Security: If parked at home, your RV is susceptible to break-ins. For the most secure option, choose a RV storage facility. However, be sure to check out the different levels of security offered. Some RV storage facilities only offer a shed for you to park your RV under. At our Hillsboro RV storage facility, RVs are parked in their individual storage unit with personal keypads. Simply enter your individual code for secured access. Our RV storage facility in Hillsboro has own site managers. Also, each RV storage unit is armed with an alarm system.

Very Secure RV Storage in Hillsboro OR

Individual RV Storage Units or Stacked: Some RV storage facilities offer simple covered parking that utilizes stacked storage. This means many RVs are parked closely together in one storage shed. This would involve the moving of RVs around to get to others, leading to an increase in chances of your RV getting scratched.

Convenience and Easy Access: When choosing between RV storage facilities, pick one that provides convenient access to the RV storage unit. Our RV storage in Hillsboro is valued because it allows large RVs to enter easily and turn around with little difficulty. Your RV storage unit will also be open for access everyday from 7am to 9pm.

The above should be sufficient to help you decide on the features you want available for your RV storage needs. Should you have any other questions on RV storage, the storage facility managers are available at our RV storage facility in Hillsboro. Or simply give them a call at (503) 693-6844.

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