Businesses That Need Self Storage

By Marcus Walker

There are many reasons companies need business storage. We have outlined some of some common reasons.

Business downsizing: In this bad economy, many businesses have downsized their workforce, office and business operations due to increasing overheads and lack of sales revenue. Many resort to storing their business furniture and inventory in their garage or friend’s garage. However this is only a short term solution and can prove to be inconvenient. Business storage can provide a quick solution—month to month self storage.

Seasonal equipment and inventory: Many businesses rely on seasons—snow plowing equipment, lawn mowers, Halloween costumes, Christmas decorations and many more. Warehouses that are larger and require long term commitments tend to be more expensive compared to business storage facilities. Business storage facilities are usually shorter term or allow month to month commitments.

Rising costs of office space: Because of the fall in number of tenants, some rental companies choose to increase the rent of existing tenants. As a result, some businesses choose to reduce the size of their office or convert to a home office. These situations result in the need for business storage.

Flexibility: When it comes to business storage, needs change frequently depending on the economy and seasonal demands. Office locations usually require a fixed term contract and are fairly inflexible when it comes to increasing office space or business storage facilities. With a self storage facility that is focused on business storage, you are usually able to downsize or upsize based on your needs.

The Main Uses of Business Storage

Business storage is usually used for the following:

  • Seasonal machinery like snow plows and pressure washing equipment
  • Archived documents, pictures and folders
  • Product samples
  • Warehouse goods
  • Home office related items that are too large to store at home
  • Seasonal props and inventory like Christmas and Halloween decorations

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