Why Rent Mini Storage in Oregon?

By Marcus Walker

At 5×10 feet, the mini self storage unit isn’t a great space for storing large items—large couches and beds aren’t the best choice for it. However, there are many great uses for a mini storage unit, and we’ll list a few of them out below:

Mini Storage for Businesses

Tax documents, trade show displays, pamphlets, unused computers—storing it in the back room can create a mess! Although there isn’t much of it, it always seems to be in the way. The mini storage unit would be the perfect solution to this situation. Although a lot of space isn’t needed, things need to get out of the way, and we can help you with that.

Mini Storage for Home Sellers

As slow as the market is for homes right now, it’s important that you make a good first impression on potential home buyers. Store some of the extra things in your home inside a mini storage unit, and make your home look a little better for upcoming open houses.

Mini Storage for Students

Most college students haven’t acquired enough stuff to warrant a large storage unit, so the mini self storage is just right for them. Dorm rooms often cannot hold everything needed for living away from home, so renting a small unit can be a great choice. We have storage in Ashland, near the Southern Oregon University Campus, and Bend storage, near Central Oregon Community College.

Mini Self Storage

And these are just a few examples of situations that the mini self storage unit could help! These small and easy-to-access units are available at each of our Secure Storage locations across Oregon. Want more information? Talk to some of our self storage specialists! We’d love to chat with you about how we can fulfill your storage needs, and find the perfect-sized unit for you.

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