Storage Units for Collectors

By Marcus Walker

Do you collect Persian rugs or California wine? Do you have a collection that your family wants out of the house? If you do, we have the solution! Keep your treasures by storing them out of the way—but easy to access!

For smaller collections—comic books, coins or Egyptian vases—choose our smallest unit, the 5×10. This unit will be more than enough room for your items, and you might even be able to fit other household items in there too!

For fragile or older collectibles—wine, antiques or newspapers from the 20’s—you may want to invest in one of our climate controlled storage units. You won’t have to worry about rust or moisture damage—these units are set up to keep your special items safe! These units are available in Redmond, Hood River and Hillsboro.

Are the items you collect a little bigger? That’s no problem! Several of our Secure Storage locations have large sized units. Our 10×30 unit is available at all locations, and can fit most automobiles! We also have our Toy Box (24×39) storage unit in Redmond, for multiple automobiles.

Storage Units for Collectors

Stop driving your family mad by letting your collections pile up inside the house! Keep them safe and keep your family happy by getting a storage unit at one of our many storage locations around the state of Oregon. Call us today for more information and find the storage unit you need!

2 responses to “Storage Units for Collectors”

  1. Bill writes:

    Great ideas for your customers. I would like to add some more, remember if you going to store some valuables, you want to take some pictures of them just in case anything happens. Additionally, make sure they are store in such a fashion that they are protected from the elements. Your never can be to careful about water etc… keep your expensive items away from walls and the roll up doors. I would strongly suggest storing items in interior units. Also, cover your items, you never know when a leak can occur.

  2. SecureStorage writes:

    Great tips, Bill! Thanks for the comment.

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