Local Storage Makes Downsizing Easier

By Marcus Walker

Even with the joys of the holidays approaching, less income or being under-employed can bring stress. For many during December, it isn’t only how to make ends meet, but how to also purchase gifts. Hopefully, you’re only weighing how to pay for gifts and the extra expenses that come with celebrating with friends and family.

But if you and your family are considering downsizing into a smaller home or apartment too, we can help by offering local storage. Local storage can make any temporary living space easier to manage. Reserving a self storage unit that you can conveniently access when you need an item or two is ideal and will help you feel less like your life is in disarray. Let’s say you need the larger coffee-pot and your mother’s turkey platter for the Christmas meal. Or,Local Storage When Downsizing let’s say you want to bring home some more games and scrapbooking items for the month because you will have more downtime with the family. Thanks to us giving each customer a personalized code for entry, all local storage customers can come and go around their own schedule and effortlessly pick up and drop off items.

Another big way that we help make a transition more convenient is with the use of our FREE move-in truck. Since it is parked right at our local storage facility, you can arrange to use it when it’s available. And all you have to do upon returning the truck is rinse it off and fill it back up with gas. That’s all.

So let us help make your December a little brighter. Reserve local storage with us today.

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