Choose Best Rental Storage

By Marcus Walker

This is the first in a series of blog posts designed to help you, the consumer, choose the best rental storage. Sure there are a lot of storage rental places out there. And as you search the web and drive by those in your neighborhood, you might think they’re similar and offer similar amenities, but they don’t. Here are two examples:

Offer Climate Controlled StorageWhen John and his family relocated from the San Francisco Bay Area to Hillsboro, OR, they needed a storage rental company that could safely store the majority of their furniture, appliances, ski boat and belongings until their home was ready in two months. What they learned after calling three competitors was that only Hillsboro Secure Storage offered: climate-controlled storage for the protection of their valuables; covered boat storage and a large, 10×30 foot storage unit.

This made the decision easy.


Offer Free Truck with Storage RentalWhen Bridgette got her roommate, she had to clean out everything in the extra bedroom and move it to a storage rental unit. She wasn’t interested in a lot of fuss; just wanted to reserve a small, convenient unit. She was surprised and happy to learn that Secure Storage would give her free use of their truck for moving everything—and let her move in on the 15th of the month without having to pay for the full month.

This made Secure Storage the easy choice.


We encourage you too, to check-out the differences!

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