Choose Safest Storage

By Marcus Walker

This is the second in a series of blog posts designed to help you, the consumer, choose the best rent storage place for your personal or business valuables. Sure there are a lot of storage rental places, but which are more secure? And which security measures are the most important? A customer recently found out the answers to these questions that we share below:

Liz had just retired and was considering spending the next year traveling abroad. However, she was dragging her feet about making the decision because she was concerned about the safety of her photographic equipment in the home. Something that began as a hobby grew into a side job and she hoped to continue being a freelance photographer in retirement. So she decided finding a safe storage facility outside of the home would be smart.

After visiting three facilities close by, she learned that they were not created equal. For example, only one offered onsite managers, who were there to minimize the chance of personal theft. And, only one offered Controlled Keypad for Safest Storage Entryindividual unit alarms that would automatically arm and rearm themselves after each of her visits. Plus, only one offered steel walls that could help protect against a fire or other disaster.

Secure Storage turned out to be the safest storage place who provided all three protection measures, besides high fences and surveillance cameras. This made the decision easy.

We suggest you too, decide on the degree of security that will make you feel most comfortable. Because losing thousands of dollars in theft or property damage is no fun.  Learn more >


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