Which Storage for Rent Place to Choose?

By Marcus Walker

This is the third and final post in our series written to help you locate the best storage for rent place. Our first post, “How to Choose Best Rental Storage” showed areas that can be dissimilar between storage facilities, and our second post, “How to Choose Safest Storage” focused on the differences with regards to security. This one discusses various amenities that can be offered, so you will have more information to base your decision on. Because let’s face it, extra convenience and amenities can really help—and make you feel like you’re getting a great deal.

John was glad that his fiancée agreed to hold off on the wedding plans for a year, so he could take the new work assignment in Hillsboro on a trial basis. He planned to let his apartment go and store most of his stuff for at least six months. Once he started his search to find self storage, he couldn’t believe how many options there were. What’s more, he felt like he didn’t have the time to really check them out. A friend gave him some guidance. Go visit a few and ask them “What do you offer that the place down the street doesn’t?” This, he said, will save you time and let you know whether you’re getting a good place and a good deal.

Offer Free Truck with Storage Rental

Cutting to the chase and asking this one question did pay-off for John. Because he learned that only one, Secure Storage, offered the use of a move-in truck totally free (saving him money and time); and only one, Secure Storage again, had a facility in Bend and Hillsboro, making it easy to transport his stuff and store it closer to home if the new job panned out—without having to find self storage all over again. This made the decision easy.

We suggest you cut to the chase too and focus on which storage facility is going to offer you the most value. Good luck in your search.

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