Tightly Sealed Long-term Storage

A true testament of a successful business is happy customers who share their feedback. And Secure Storage has just received some feedback that we would like to share with you. Why? Because even after providing long term storage for customers across Oregon for more than 27 years, positive feedback like this still puts a smile on our faces.
A customer named, Loraine, offered this comment about our Redmond facility. “We were so pleased that after all this winter snow and rain our storage unit was absolutely tight and there was no moisture or damage to our items. Thanks for everything.”

Two Storage Unit Features Made the Difference

What makes us particularly happy about Loraine’s comment is that she zeroed in on two features that we added, not because they were necessarily needed, but because we felt they would protect our customer’s belongings better. And we were right!

The first feature (shown above) is the addition of a concrete lip that’s in the front of each storage unit’s door preventing water to puddle and get into a unit.


The second is the construction and material of our storage units. Each unit’s concrete floors and galvanized steel walls add strength and durability, plus helps prevent moisture from entering—and prevents the chance of fire or theft.

Just think, these features are offered with our basic, everyday type of long term storage. You don’t even need to reserve one of our climate-controlled units to have your things really safe from outside elements.

Choose us, and get the best protection around.

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