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New RV & Boat Storage in Redmond

By Marcus Walker
Secure Storage has some exciting news for Redmond, OR! As many people know, Central Oregon is a hot spot for camping, boating and enjoying the beautiful landscape. This is part of the reason why RV and boat storage is so popular at our Redmond location. We also offer boat and RV storage at our Prineville storage facility as well.

Secure Storage announces new outdoor RV & boat storage space at our Redmond location. This is good news for the neighborhood because their existing boat and RV storage is consistently full. Now folks who think there’s nothing better than a mini-vacation, hitting the road in a RV and sleeping among the smell of pine trees or spending time boating at a nearby lake—can do so without a problem. Secure Storage offers you access to the great outdoors at your convenience!

Reserve Your Boat and RV Storage Space

There are 129 new storage spaces at our Redmond facility with two different sizes to choose from. We also offer prices at a very economical rate for either our 12 x 30 space or our 12 x 40 space. The new addition is expected to give customers’ great value—considering that all spaces will be completely paved, secure and well lit. Secure Storage is also offering customers with the best facility access (from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.) every day of the year through an individual key code.

Spots to store your RV or boat are filling up quickly. Reserve your RV and boat storage today!

(Anticipated move-in date is scheduled for the week of September 9.)

Thinkin’ About RVing and RV Storage

By Marcus Walker

RV Storage for New LifestyleSo you have come into some extra income possibly from an inheritance or from landing a new job.  Now comes the fun part—where to spend the money after you lock some of it away. If you’re thinking about investing the money toward a recreational vehicle, so you can have greater closeness with family and friends plus have the flexibility to travel more often, we say what a great idea.

A recent study by PKF Consulting USA for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association confirmed that RV travel is 23-59 percent less expensive than other types of vacations for a family of four (and 11-46 percent less for a couple). Even when RV ownership costs and fuel prices were considered, the study found that RV vacations are significantly more cost efficient than traditional vacations traveling by car or plane and staying in a hotel or rental home/condo.

Convenient RV Storage

Once you make your purchase, rest assured that we can help you with convenient RV storage. Three of our Oregon locations (Redmond, Hillsboro, Prineville, and Hood River) offer reliable RV self storage with 7-day-a-week access from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Talk about convenient.

Choose city closest to you—and check Secure Storage availability right now.

RV Storage in Hillsboro, Oregon – Top Things To Consider

By Marcus Walker

There are many things to consider when it comes to RV storage in Hillsboro. As RVs are high investment items, it is important to find the RV storage facility that meets your RV storage needs.

Outdoor or Indoor RV Storage: If you have contemplated parking your RV at your home or choosing an outdoor RV storage because of price, think twice. By exposing your RV to elements like rain and UV rays, you risk damage to your RV. At our indoor RV storage facility in Hillsboro, our enclosed RV storage units protect your RV from natural elements.

Offer Indoor RV Storage in Hillsboro

RV Security: If parked at home, your RV is susceptible to break-ins. For the most secure option, choose a RV storage facility. However, be sure to check out the different levels of security offered. Some RV storage facilities only offer a shed for you to park your RV under. At our Hillsboro RV storage facility, RVs are parked in their individual storage unit with personal keypads. Simply enter your individual code for secured access. Our RV storage facility in Hillsboro has own site managers. Also, each RV storage unit is armed with an alarm system.

Very Secure RV Storage in Hillsboro OR

Individual RV Storage Units or Stacked: Some RV storage facilities offer simple covered parking that utilizes stacked storage. This means many RVs are parked closely together in one storage shed. This would involve the moving of RVs around to get to others, leading to an increase in chances of your RV getting scratched.

Convenience and Easy Access: When choosing between RV storage facilities, pick one that provides convenient access to the RV storage unit. Our RV storage in Hillsboro is valued because it allows large RVs to enter easily and turn around with little difficulty. Your RV storage unit will also be open for access everyday from 7am to 9pm.

The above should be sufficient to help you decide on the features you want available for your RV storage needs. Should you have any other questions on RV storage, the storage facility managers are available at our RV storage facility in Hillsboro. Or simply give them a call at (503) 693-6844.

Oregon Indoor Boat Storage Facility

By Marcus Walker

Boats are expensive prized possessions. You want to ensure that it is stored securely and protected from natural elements such as sun damage, moisture, mold, and rust. Damage to boats can be expensive and tedious to repair. Boats that are well taken care of can last for many years to come and retain their value better.

Before deciding on a boat self storage location in Oregon, weigh the pros and cons of an indoor boat storage unit versus an outdoor one. Factors that come into play include price, location and security. Although an outdoor boat storage facility may allow you quick access to the water, indoor boat storage facilities ensure the following:

Winter Boat Storage in Oregon

Oregon winters can be harsh and unpredictable. An indoor boat storage facility might be the choice for you. Secure Storage offers indoor boat storage at their Hillsboro, Redmond and Prineville locations.

Our indoor boat storage units have controlled access and facility-wide security ensure that your boat will be secure and free from vandalism and theft. Our wide entrances and driveways provide the convenience you need.

Before you store your boat for the winter, don’t forget to do the following to ensure your boat is properly winterized:

  • Change the oil filter, add a fuel stabilizer and fill up the tank
  • Flush the engine with fresh water
  • Run a fogging solution through the engine
  • Spray external engine parts with anti-corrosion film
  • Remove batteries
  • Wash off exterior, drain all water and apply wax to maximize protection

Secure Storage offers boat self storage facilities in various Oregon cities, including Redmond Oregon storage unit, Hood River Oregon storage unit, Prineville Oregon storage unit, and Hillsboro Oregon storage unit.