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Use Us for Classic Car Storage

By Marcus Walker

We would like to talk with you, car buffs out there. Why not wrap-up the year by clearing out space in your garage and storing your extra car(s) with us? We know you gain a lot of satisfaction from seeing your classic car everyday—whether it gets you thinking about a time when you can actually work on it more, or it lets you admire the work you’ve done so far. But, you probably can also see how the extra space could be good…and be good for the family.

Thankful Wife and Kids

Imagine how happy your wife will be when she gets to park HER car in the garage this winter or has more room for overages from Costco and more room for bikes and skis. Another great reason to using us for your classic car storage is: your investment will be protected and secure.

With us, you can choose fully enclosed car storage or covered car storage depending on your car and budget. Our 10×20 units in Bend and 4 other locations can comfortably store a vehicle. Besides this, we have covered classic car storage (12×30 and 12×40 feet) in Redmond and larger (14×45 feet) enclosed car storage units in Hillsboro, and the granddaddy of them all, car storage units (24×39 feet) in Redmond!

Keeping Your Unused Vehicles Safe and Away

By Marcus Walker

We often have vehicles that we simply don’t drive that often. Whether it’s your grandad’s old Rolls Royce that you only bring to shows, or the Honda Civic that’s waiting for your daughter’s sixteenth birthday, a vehicle is always worth protecting. Keep it away from door dings in the garage, and the harsh conditions outside!

Also, if you aren’t going to take your vehicle out on a consistent basis, why take up room in your garage with it? Imagine what you could do with the extra space in your garage if you utilized our vehicle storage units!

Vehicle Storage Units Available

Whatever your reason is for using Oregon truck and car storage, know that by choosing Secure Storage, your vehicle will be protected and secure during the time it stays in our storage units. Our storage security features are put in place to give you the most peace of mind possible.

We Provide Oregon Vehicle Storage

At each of our six storage unit locations, we have units available that can help you keep your car safe and out of the way when you don’t need it. Don’t take up extra space in your garage, and keep your vehicle protected.

Rent a car storage unit. Available in Ashland, Bend, Hillsboro, Hood RiverRedmond and Prineville.