Secure Storage

Un-nest Your Home

By Marcus Walker

Many of us need time to adjust when our kids leave home and broaden their horizons. When the time is right to “un-nest” yourself emotionally, as well as your home, let us help with storage units for rent.

Empty Nest Syndrome happens to all of us parents. One day, we’re cramming to get breakfast and lunches prepared in time for our kids leaving for the bus. We’re organizing carpools around baseball and soccer practices. And we’re filing and organizing all the stuff that accumulates over the course of raising a family.

Then our children leave home marking the beginning of a new phase of life—for them and for us. If you can, seize the time to develop yourself in new ways so you can look forward to what’s ahead. An easy way to do this is to unclutter your space and use your primary living space differently. For instance, why not freshen up your décor; why not use your children’s bedroom as an art studio or guest room? Why not store school-age trophies, awards and artwork in a mini storage unit. In fact, using a hard, clear plastic bin to store keepsakes will ensure they are easily visible and protected from being crushed.

Feel better about your next chapter by taking advantage of our storage units for rent. Tomorrow can be brighter.  Contact us.

Anticipate a Move in the New Year?

By Marcus Walker

So it’s the New Year and time for a fresh start. If your “fresh start” includes an upcoming move, Secure Storage can help. For one thing, we can help you become better prepared with helpful moving and storage strategies. With them, we hope that you’ll be able to feel more relaxed and feel more organized. Also, we can help you with Oregon storage if your new place has less space and you can’t part with certain items. Our 10×10 or 10×15 sized units would be perfect to reserve.

Moving and Storage Strategies

We all know the unpleasantness that comes from having to pack up your entire house: not being able to find anything for several weeks and the physical strain of bending and lifting over and over again. Try a few of our moving and storage strategies, so the experience will be easier for you and your family:

  1. Try to begin packing a few weeks ahead of time—and giving yourself a goal of a certain Moving and Storage Made Easiernumber of boxes a day.
  2. Contact a fast food restaurant or grocery/retail store and ask them if they can do you the favor of setting aside some boxes.
  3. If you have the newspaper delivered, begin to save them to use for packing material.
  4. Pack up everything that you and your family don’t physically need, such as books, music, off-season clothing, crystal, china, etc.
  5. Don’t pack anything that will ultimately end up being discarded.
  6. While packing, decide to donate/toss/recycle items that you haven’t used since you last moved. If they have some worth, try posting and selling them on EBay or Craig’s list.
  7. Remember to toss any toiletries and cosmetics that are old or expired.
  8. Use your luggage to pack and move in-season clothing.
  9. Use a red Sharpie, and tell your movers that any box labeled in red needs to stay accessible.
  10. If you’re moving locally and not using a moving and storage company, simply take the drawers out of your dresser with your clothes and items still in them and put them in the trunk of your car and back seat and transport them yourself to your new home.Additionally, if you need storage to best accommodate a temporary or rental situation be sure to call our on-site managers in Bend or on-site managers in Redmond for use of our FREE move-in truck. They can even give you names of professional movers that freelance on the side (at reasonable rates) if trying to move yourself  isn’t working.

Good luck.

Local Storage Makes Downsizing Easier

By Marcus Walker

Even with the joys of the holidays approaching, less income or being under-employed can bring stress. For many during December, it isn’t only how to make ends meet, but how to also purchase gifts. Hopefully, you’re only weighing how to pay for gifts and the extra expenses that come with celebrating with friends and family.

But if you and your family are considering downsizing into a smaller home or apartment too, we can help by offering local storage. Local storage can make any temporary living space easier to manage. Reserving a self storage unit that you can conveniently access when you need an item or two is ideal and will help you feel less like your life is in disarray. Let’s say you need the larger coffee-pot and your mother’s turkey platter for the Christmas meal. Or,Local Storage When Downsizing let’s say you want to bring home some more games and scrapbooking items for the month because you will have more downtime with the family. Thanks to us giving each customer a personalized code for entry, all local storage customers can come and go around their own schedule and effortlessly pick up and drop off items.

Another big way that we help make a transition more convenient is with the use of our FREE move-in truck. Since it is parked right at our local storage facility, you can arrange to use it when it’s available. And all you have to do upon returning the truck is rinse it off and fill it back up with gas. That’s all.

So let us help make your December a little brighter. Reserve local storage with us today.

College Student Storage in Oregon

By Marcus Walker

We can’t deny it anymore—cold weather has set in, and it’s time to retire our bikes, water skis and surfboards for the season. But for those of you now at college, you might find your dorm rooms to be just a tad small for all your summer toys. That’s why it’s a great idea to invest in college student storage this year!

A few of our five locations has a college nearby, and we love working with the students that need Oregon storage. This is the best time of year to start using student storage, so you don’t have to deal with cramped dorm rooms and difficult roommate situations. Keep your stuff close by, but get it out of your way!


Student Storage at SOUAshland College Storage

Our Ashland storage units are located conveniently close to the Southern Oregon University campus—only a five minute drive away. If you’re attending SOU this year, get the storage you need at Secure Storage Ashland.


Storage for COCC StudentsBend College Student Storage

For those of you attending Central Oregon Community College for the 2012-2013 season, consider our Secure Storage units on the north side of Bend! We’re less than four miles from the COCC campus, and have a wide variety of storage units available.


College Storage for CGCC studentsHood River Student Storage

About a mile from the Columbia Gorge Community College are our Hood River storage units! Get your summer items out of the way by renting one of our units—anywhere from 5×10 to 10×30.


Keep in mind that we have a free moving truck you can use to bring your stuff over to our storage units—that should remove any hassle you may have in the moving process! We also offer long term discounts and will pro-rate your rent the months you move in and out—so it fits with your busy college schedule. Get in touch with our storage unit managers today!

How to Pack for a Move

By Marcus Walker

Moving is stressful and difficult, but that isn’t an excuse to pack your belongings incorrectly! No matter how rushed you are, you should always take the time to make sure you’re packing the best way possible. In this post, we’re going to discuss the best way to pack boxes for your next move!

Box Packing Tools

While you can find free boxes just about anywhere, it’s important that you find quality boxes. Rips and tears in the cardboard can lead to problems down the road. You’ll also want to have bubble wrap for fragile items, and a good amount of packing tape to secure bubble wrapped items and seal boxes.

Don’t pack a box half way because unfilled boxes will crush when stacked.  To get rid of empty space in a box, fill it with extra packing material like newspaper or bubble wrap.

Organizing the Box

Tips for Packing for a Move

In the rush of getting everything settled during the moving process, many people find it easier to simply throw their belongings into boxes and get them in the truck. Instead, know what you’re putting into each box and label it accordingly!

Watch Box Sizes

Don’t pack more than you can lift! Although it’s tempting to save on box and materials by packing each box to the limit—know how much you can carry on your own, and don’t pack more than that amount.

Don’t Rush Packing Boxes

One of the most important things to remember when you’re packing and moving is this: don’t rush it! If you rush now, you’ll only regret it later when you have to unpack it all again. Take the time now, and make moving into your new place an easy and smooth transition.

If you need help storing your things while you’re between homes, that’s what we’re here for! Contact our Secure Storage professionals at any of our five locations: Ashland, Bend, Hillsboro, Hood River or Redmond!

Storage Units for Collectors

By Marcus Walker

Do you collect Persian rugs or California wine? Do you have a collection that your family wants out of the house? If you do, we have the solution! Keep your treasures by storing them out of the way—but easy to access!

For smaller collections—comic books, coins or Egyptian vases—choose our smallest unit, the 5×10. This unit will be more than enough room for your items, and you might even be able to fit other household items in there too!

For fragile or older collectibles—wine, antiques or newspapers from the 20’s—you may want to invest in one of our climate controlled storage units. You won’t have to worry about rust or moisture damage—these units are set up to keep your special items safe! These units are available in Redmond, Hood River and Hillsboro.

Are the items you collect a little bigger? That’s no problem! Several of our Secure Storage locations have large sized units. Our 10×30 unit is available at all locations, and can fit most automobiles! We also have our Toy Box (24×39) storage unit in Redmond, for multiple automobiles.

Storage Units for Collectors

Stop driving your family mad by letting your collections pile up inside the house! Keep them safe and keep your family happy by getting a storage unit at one of our many storage locations around the state of Oregon. Call us today for more information and find the storage unit you need!

How Accessible are our Storage Units?

By Marcus Walker

If you ask a person why they rent a storage unit, the usual answer is to reduce clutter in their home, or keep special items safe during the months that they don’t use them. But no matter what the answer is, it can always be summed up like this: people rent storage units because they want to make their life easier.

So when you’re shopping for a storage unit, keep that in mind. Before looking at prices, look at accessibility. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before renting a storage unit:

  • What are the hours of operation? Are you going to be locked out when you need to access your unit?
  • Is a manager on hand? If someone isn’t there to let you in after hours, you could be in trouble!
  • How accessible is each unit? Are you going to be able to drive your car right up, for easy unpacking? Nobody wants to unload their stuff into an elevator and then unload it again to get to their unit! You will find all of our Secure Storage units on ground level for easy loading and unloading.
  • Is it open every day of the week? If you leave something in your unit, you need to be able to access it no matter what day it is!
  • What amenities do they offer? Do they have free moving trucks for newcomers?
  • How easy is it to open the doors of your storage unit? Is it going to be a struggle each time you need to take something out? Will you hurt your back or neck while trying to lift the door?

Benefits of Accessible Storage Units

They may not be the usual questions a potential renter would ask, but they’re the questions that need to be asked! If your storage unit isn’t easily accessible, there is no point in renting.

Thankfully, each of our Secure Storage locations is accessible, and we’re ready to make your life a little easier. Visit one of our locations in Redmond, Hood River, Hillsboro, Bend or Ashland today, and see how easy renting a storage unit can really be.

Hood River Storage

By Marcus Walker

People lucky enough to live in the Gorge know the importance of a good storage unit. Between the snow and summer sports, equipment can clog up garages and hallway closets to no end. With a Hood River storage unit, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

But our storage units aren’t just for people who already live in Hood River—for families considering a move to this part of Oregon, our Hood River Secure Storage location has units available in many sizes. From 5×10 to 10×30, we are capable of storing whatever your rental can’t handle!

One great aspect of our Hood River storage is the fact that we have climate-controlled units. There is no need to worry about your fragile items during your Hood River move—we have units at 5×10, 10×10 and 10×15. In addition, your RV can be stored in our outdoor spaces!

You can refer to pricing in the chart below, and contact our Hood River Storage Team when you’re ready!

Advantages of Our Hood River Storage

Prices are accurate as of 6.25.2012.  Please call for updated pricing.

Storage Organization Ideas

By Marcus Walker

Renting and filling a storage unit can be a daunting task if you’re planning to store a lot of your belongings. Storage unit organization doesn’t always work as planned, and you can end up with a unit stuffed to the door, and no way of knowing where you put your Christmas decorations box.

In order to avoid this scenario, there are a few storage organization ideas that we can offer—to help you make your storage unit easy to access (and locate boxes) in the future!

Organization tip #1 – Keep a Plan

This is slightly more complicated than what most people want when they’re organizing their storage unit, but it’s something that can be extremely useful in the future—even if it takes a little extra time now. Put together a sketch of your storage unit, and have different sections mapped out before you put it all together.

Organization tip #2 – Know What You Use

How to: Storage Unit Organization

When many people rent a storage unit, they’ll pack the easy things first—big boxes and heavy items. That’s a great strategy if you only need a temporary storage unit, but if you’re planning to have your unit for a while, you might consider a different option.

Pack according to what you use the most. From back to front, know what you use and might want in the next few months.

Organization tip #3 – Labels, Labels, Labels!

If you’ve never rented a storage unit in the past, or haven’t had to deal with overstocked garages, you don’t know how difficult it can be to look through box after box after box, trying to find that one item you need. Save yourself a lot of time and trouble by labeling ahead of time!

Need more information about renting a storage unit? Check out our best storage tips, or just go ahead and rent a storage unit at one of our Secure Storage locations today!

Keeping Your Unused Vehicles Safe and Away

By Marcus Walker

We often have vehicles that we simply don’t drive that often. Whether it’s your grandad’s old Rolls Royce that you only bring to shows, or the Honda Civic that’s waiting for your daughter’s sixteenth birthday, a vehicle is always worth protecting. Keep it away from door dings in the garage, and the harsh conditions outside!

Also, if you aren’t going to take your vehicle out on a consistent basis, why take up room in your garage with it? Imagine what you could do with the extra space in your garage if you utilized our vehicle storage units!

Vehicle Storage Units Available

Whatever your reason is for using Oregon truck and car storage, know that by choosing Secure Storage, your vehicle will be protected and secure during the time it stays in our storage units. Our storage security features are put in place to give you the most peace of mind possible.

We Provide Oregon Vehicle Storage

At each of our six storage unit locations, we have units available that can help you keep your car safe and out of the way when you don’t need it. Don’t take up extra space in your garage, and keep your vehicle protected.

Rent a car storage unit. Available in Ashland, Bend, Hillsboro, Hood RiverRedmond and Prineville.