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Our Safe Self-Storage IS All It’s Cracked Up to Be

By Marcus Walker

Many people who are looking for a self-storage facility have storage security top of mind. Luckily for us, this isn’t a problem. From day one, our company has made security a priority with multiple safeguards in place for our customers.

By choosing to pay for storage, customers say to us, “This item or these items mean something to me.” So we do our best to protect their belongings by offering safe self-storage.

First Safeguard:  Facility-Wide Safe Storage

Security cameras monitor our well-lit self storage facilities all day and night and high fences keep out unwanted visitors. We also employ on-site managers, so that each of our safe self-storage locations has additional protection by having someone physically on the grounds who know the customers.

We Offer Safe Self Storage

Second Safeguard: Self-Storage Security Codes

Each of our customers is given a unique security code, allowing only them—and other customers with other security codes—to enter the premises through our secured gates. Once activating their self-storage security code, their personal unit is disarmed for entry. Once they vacate our safe self-storage and reenter their security code, their unit automatically rearms itself.

Third Safeguard: Strong Steel Walls

Each of our secure self-storage units, regardless of size, is made with galvanized steel—a material that is almost impossible to break through. Besides not showing any wear, the material offers customers an additional protection between any intruders and their valuable items.

So you can see our safe self-storage is all that it’s cracked up to be. If you’re currently at a facility that isn’t, switch today. Or if you’re contemplating having the need for storage, do yourself a favor and choose a facility based on storage security. Hands-down, ours will win. We haven’t had a break-in at any of our locations for more than 20 years.

Choose a safe storage facility—by selecting one of our five Oregon storage locations.