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Storage Organization Ideas

By Marcus Walker

Renting and filling a storage unit can be a daunting task if you’re planning to store a lot of your belongings. Storage unit organization doesn’t always work as planned, and you can end up with a unit stuffed to the door, and no way of knowing where you put your Christmas decorations box.

In order to avoid this scenario, there are a few storage organization ideas that we can offer—to help you make your storage unit easy to access (and locate boxes) in the future!

Organization tip #1 – Keep a Plan

This is slightly more complicated than what most people want when they’re organizing their storage unit, but it’s something that can be extremely useful in the future—even if it takes a little extra time now. Put together a sketch of your storage unit, and have different sections mapped out before you put it all together.

Organization tip #2 – Know What You Use

How to: Storage Unit Organization

When many people rent a storage unit, they’ll pack the easy things first—big boxes and heavy items. That’s a great strategy if you only need a temporary storage unit, but if you’re planning to have your unit for a while, you might consider a different option.

Pack according to what you use the most. From back to front, know what you use and might want in the next few months.

Organization tip #3 – Labels, Labels, Labels!

If you’ve never rented a storage unit in the past, or haven’t had to deal with overstocked garages, you don’t know how difficult it can be to look through box after box after box, trying to find that one item you need. Save yourself a lot of time and trouble by labeling ahead of time!

Need more information about renting a storage unit? Check out our best storage tips, or just go ahead and rent a storage unit at one of our Secure Storage locations today!

Are you planning a move to Hillsboro, Oregon?

By Marcus Walker

As exciting as it is to be in a new place, meet new people and live in a new house, moving is almost always a draining and stressful experience. Having people ready and willing to help you with your move is necessary, and the folks at Our Secure Storage Hillsboro location are just that!

Storage For Move to Hillsboro

Secure Storage Hillsboro Managers

Dan and Barbara Chambers have been managers at our Hillsboro storage branch for over five years, and they love what they do! Because they live onsite and have so much experience, they’re able to provide the service and friendliness that many Hillsboro storage locations aren’t able to give.

Along with the friendly and helpful service, our Hillsboro storage center offers a free move-in truck—because we want to ease your moving process as much as possible.

Hillsboro Storage Unit Sizes and Availability

If you’re moving your family with you, we have units up to 10×30; if you don’t have quite as much to store, our units come as small as 5×10. We also have climate controlled units for your fragile valuables, and enclosed RV storage, if you can’t take your motorhome to your new home just yet.

If you’re planning a move to Hillsboro, or are currently in the process, give us a call and see what we can do for you! (503) 693-6844.

For more information, check out our Hillsboro storage unit prices and sizes!

Why Rent Mini Storage in Oregon?

By Marcus Walker

At 5×10 feet, the mini self storage unit isn’t a great space for storing large items—large couches and beds aren’t the best choice for it. However, there are many great uses for a mini storage unit, and we’ll list a few of them out below:

Mini Storage for Businesses

Tax documents, trade show displays, pamphlets, unused computers—storing it in the back room can create a mess! Although there isn’t much of it, it always seems to be in the way. The mini storage unit would be the perfect solution to this situation. Although a lot of space isn’t needed, things need to get out of the way, and we can help you with that.

Mini Storage for Home Sellers

As slow as the market is for homes right now, it’s important that you make a good first impression on potential home buyers. Store some of the extra things in your home inside a mini storage unit, and make your home look a little better for upcoming open houses.

Mini Storage for Students

Most college students haven’t acquired enough stuff to warrant a large storage unit, so the mini self storage is just right for them. Dorm rooms often cannot hold everything needed for living away from home, so renting a small unit can be a great choice. We have storage in Ashland, near the Southern Oregon University Campus, and Bend storage, near Central Oregon Community College.

Mini Self Storage

And these are just a few examples of situations that the mini self storage unit could help! These small and easy-to-access units are available at each of our Secure Storage locations across Oregon. Want more information? Talk to some of our self storage specialists! We’d love to chat with you about how we can fulfill your storage needs, and find the perfect-sized unit for you.

Our Safe Self-Storage IS All It’s Cracked Up to Be

By Marcus Walker

Many people who are looking for a self-storage facility have storage security top of mind. Luckily for us, this isn’t a problem. From day one, our company has made security a priority with multiple safeguards in place for our customers.

By choosing to pay for storage, customers say to us, “This item or these items mean something to me.” So we do our best to protect their belongings by offering safe self-storage.

First Safeguard:  Facility-Wide Safe Storage

Security cameras monitor our well-lit self storage facilities all day and night and high fences keep out unwanted visitors. We also employ on-site managers, so that each of our safe self-storage locations has additional protection by having someone physically on the grounds who know the customers.

We Offer Safe Self Storage

Second Safeguard: Self-Storage Security Codes

Each of our customers is given a unique security code, allowing only them—and other customers with other security codes—to enter the premises through our secured gates. Once activating their self-storage security code, their personal unit is disarmed for entry. Once they vacate our safe self-storage and reenter their security code, their unit automatically rearms itself.

Third Safeguard: Strong Steel Walls

Each of our secure self-storage units, regardless of size, is made with galvanized steel—a material that is almost impossible to break through. Besides not showing any wear, the material offers customers an additional protection between any intruders and their valuable items.

So you can see our safe self-storage is all that it’s cracked up to be. If you’re currently at a facility that isn’t, switch today. Or if you’re contemplating having the need for storage, do yourself a favor and choose a facility based on storage security. Hands-down, ours will win. We haven’t had a break-in at any of our locations for more than 20 years.

Choose a safe storage facility—by selecting one of our five Oregon storage locations.

Utilizing Winter Storage in Oregon

By Marcus Walker

Now that winter has hit Oregon, people are starting to fret about leaving their vehicles outside. The harsh weather conditions can wear on the paint; the time it takes to warm it up extends; and the life of your vehicle’s battery can diminish the more it’s left outside. These kinds of problems can be fixed by utilizing a winter storage unit.

With all the things that we Oregonians collect over the years, it’s no wonder that we’re not able to keep our cars in the garage or in storage units. However, when the temperature goes below freezing, it’s possible that your vehicle could get hurt by the conditions—a possibility that can be easily avoided by utilizing winter storage.

This option that we offer at Secure Storage will protect your car in the long run, and save the time and money it takes to winterize your vehicle! Rent a mini storage unit at one of our five Secure Storage locations, and keep your summer items with us, so your car can have the garage.

Winter Storage Units Available

Our 5×10 storage unit (offered at each of our 5 storage facilities in Oregon) is the perfect size to Winter Storage Unit Oregonhold your lawn mower, motorcycle, bikes, children’s play things and other outdoor equipment thatyou don’t use in the winter. This winter storage can help you with organization, as well as protect your vehicles.

For winter storage around Oregon, call Secure Storage first. Protect your belongings by utilizing our winter storage during the cold months.

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