Moving to Oregon?

If you're looking for a storage unit in BendRedmondPrinevilleHillsboroAshland or Hood River, we can offer you the best storage facility for your needs. Each of our six facilities is secure, clean and run by professional onsite managers.

We know the stresses involved with moving. One way to ease extra pressure is to have a storage space already reserved before your move. Managers at each of our locations can assist you over the phone and by email.

So, if you're planning a move to Oregon, call one of our convenient locations to reserve your storage unit and put your mind at ease. 

Don’t settle for any old storage unit – make sure you choose the size you need based on the stuff you have. Need help deciding? No problem. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you on the storage cost and storage unit sizes based on the type of dwelling space, furniture, or vehicle.

If you're looking for a little help on storage unit sizes, here are some general guidelines:

  • A 5x10 unit is 50 square feet of space and can typically fit the contents of a medium-sized bedroom, dorm room or studio apartment
  • A 10x10 unit is 100 square feet and is perfect for the contents of a one-bedroom apartment (without large appliances) or a couple medium-sized bedrooms
  • A 10x15 unit is 150 square feet and holds up to three bedrooms’ worth of stuff, or a one-bedroom apartment plus boxes; it can also serve as office supply storage
  • A 10x20 unit is 200 square feet of space and fits contents of a two-bedroom home with appliances and even miscellaneous items (some people use these for cars!); in terms of sizing, this is similar to a one-car garage
  • A 10x30 unit is 300 square feet and can store all the items from a larger household with multiple rooms or can provide enough space for a work vehicle and the contents of a home office
  • The covered 12x30, 12x35 and 14x45 storage units are perfect for your recreational vehicles and cars
  • The enclosed 24x45 units are great for RVs, cars, boats and more

Don’t forget that we have special storage pricing for our climate-controlled storage units to store everything from your artwork and photography to special fabrics and wine.

With us, you only pay for the time you need the storage unit. Plus, we offer a free moving truck when you go with Secure Storage! "Rental Rates Won't Change for at Least a Year." Unlike other storage facilities, we w​on't raise your rental rate for at least a year, that's our promise to you.

So when weighing all the factors that go into storage cost, make sure you keep in mind the extras that make storing your stuff so nice -- like convenient location, secure storage and lots of storage options that grow -- or shrink -- with you along the way.

Secure Storage Options