Storage Unit Tips: Choose Right Size Unit

secure-storage-choosing-the-right-unit.jpgRealizing that renting a storage unit can be a daunting task, we offer you the following descriptions of what our multiple-sized units can hold. Hopefully, these storage unit tips will help you visualize the best unit for your immediate needs.

But keep this storage unit tip in mind: Each of our units have a tall rafter space, which will give you extra stacking height.


This unit is perfect for the student. It can hold the contents of a couch and a chair, dresser, mattress set, plus small items and boxes. Bicycles and motorcycles also fit well in this unit, as well as business records.


This unit can hold furniture from a one-bedroom apartment without appliances. So for those of you who are in transition or need to stock work samples or seasonal items, renting a storage unit this size will be your best option.


Storage unit tip for empty nesters: If your child has left for college or relocated temporarily for a job, this unit will work for you. This unit will hold furniture and appliances from a one bedroom apartment and large boxes. It's also great for recreational equipment and office supplies.


This unit is the most versatile. It can comfortably hold the contents from a two-bedroom home with appliances and miscellaneous items—or an automobile. From a size perspective, it's similar to a one-car garage.


Usability is key when renting a storage unit. This size offers great use. For instance, you can store the contents of a three-bedroom home, plus appliances and other garage items. It can also house a classic car or large furniture items, with room left-over. It's also perfect for recreational items like a kayak, canoe and snow-mobiles still on their trailer.


Have room to spare and locate everything easily. This unit gives a small business owner all the convenience they need to store equipment, inventory, records—plus a work van or truck.

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