Climate-Controlled Storage Units

secure-storage-climate-controlled-storage.jpgAll Secure Storage units have been designed to minimize moisture and dust from the elements. However, even moderate changes in temperature and weather can harm some valuables. Artwork, musical instruments, business files, antiques and wine are some items that greatly benefit from a climate-controlled storage unit.

These climate-control storage units offer a stable level of humidity and an ideal temperature of 55-65 degrees, so your cherished items won't dry out or fade. In these completely enclosed and safe storage units, there's no moisture and no dust.

The Perfect Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Conditions

Our heated and air-conditioned storage units are especially helpful through harsh winters and summers. They are warmed or cooled accordingly to protect your valuables from the extreme temperatures.

We recommend using a climate-control storage unit for:

  • Important documents
  • Electronic and computer equipment
  • Antiques
  • Pictures
  • Leather furniture
  • Books
  • Artwork
  • Products that contain water
  • Piano and other instruments

Additionally, a climate-controlled storage facility can make an excellent wine cellar.

If you're an avid wine collector who is running out of room in your wine cellar at home or a restaurateur looking to store extra wine; our climate-controlled mini storage units can provide the perfect wine cellar. You won't encounter any UV rays, heat or vibrations that will hurt the quality of your wine.

Don’t delay, let us start protecting your wine and other valuables today.