Self-Storage Month-to-Month in Oregon

secure-storage-self-storage-units.jpgOur personal storage units are all about convenience. Everything from our multiple sized units, to our 365 days a year easy access and free move-in truck—speaks to convenience.

  • Homeowners use our self-storage centers to store excess belongings and seasonal items—or more importantly, when making a move or working around a remodel.
  • Business owners who seek affordable, ready-made extra space for supplies, equipment and important documents utilize our self-storage locations.
  • We also cater to college students and military personnel who need a short-term self-storage space.

Helpful Tip: Most homeowner's policies cover a percentage of your belongings even while in security self-storage facilities, so get your unit reserved today.

Oregon Self-Storage Solutions vs. Mobile Storage

Self-storage is better than mobile storage. Self-storage units are rented month-to-month. You bring your belongings to a self-storage facility and unload them in a self-storage space—and can easily access them when you want.

Mobile storage, on the other hand, can be more costly. For example, a portable container is delivered to your home or business. You place your belongings in the container and then it is hauled away and stored at a warehouse. This arrangement isn't ideal because you can't access your items easily, and you incur extra charges if you do so. If you're still "on the fence" between the two options because of the hassle of renting a truck, don't despair. We offer a FREE move-in truck.

So lean toward local self-storage. We're sure one of our local self-storage locations is near your home or place of business.