Our 'Toy' Storage Unit is the Ultimate Garage Space

secure-storage-rv-indoor-storage.jpgYour grandmother might value her set of china dishes. Your daughter might value her iPod and laptop. But you value your prized muscle car. Or, maybe you value your top-of-line speed-boat or RV; all the more reason to use one of our toy storage units.

If you're like most people, "toys" like these are very important to you. You've worked hard to afford them; you've invested time in their upkeep. The last thing you want is damage to come to them from water or theft. That's where Secure Storage comes in.

  • In Hillsboro, we offer toy storage units that are 14x45 ft. and can take care of all your boat storage, car storage and RV storage needs. The units are fully enclosed and come with an electric door for easy access.
  • In Prineville, toy storage units are 24x45 ft. and in Redmond 24x39 ft. Count on units in both locations to have two entry points: an extra wide roll-up door and a standard door roomy enough for indoor RV storage and indoor boat storage combined.

What Each Unit Has

Each unit, no matter its size, comes with concrete floors, steel walls, high insulated ceilings, and are well lit. And, each of our storage facilities are extremely secure. Protection doesn't get better than this.  

Contact us today to check out availability for our boat and RV storage units.