Vehicle Storage: RV, Car, Boat Storage


Finding a place to store your boat or RV, or car can be a challenge. Security, accessibility, and helpful support are some of the most sought-after benefits of outdoor boat and RV storage. Secure Storage is happy to provide you with the best storage services for your boat or RV! 

Both our Redmond and Hood River locations offer completely fenced and lighted outdoor RV and boat storage with keypad-protected gate access 7am – 9pm seven days a week. Not only do we provide greater access to you, we also provide greater security than other outdoor vehicle storage places. Our added security includes 24-hour video surveillance, which allows on-site managers to keep watch and take action if anything seems amiss. 

In Hillsboro, we offer vehicle storage units that are 14x45 ft. and can take care of all your boat storage, car storage and RV storage needs. The units are fully enclosed and come with an electric door for easy access.
In Prineville, vehicle storage units are 24x45 ft. and in Redmond 24x39 ft. Count on units in both locations to have two entry points: an extra wide roll-up door and a standard door roomy enough for indoor RV storage and indoor boat storage combined.

What Each Storage Unit Has

Each unit, no matter its size, comes with concrete floors, steel walls, high insulated ceilings, and are well lit. And, each of our storage facilities are extremely secure. Protection doesn't get better than this.

Boat Storage

Boats of all kinds can be stored inside a covered storage unit or on a trailer in our outdoor covered storage areas. They will be protected from the elements and will help free up valuable space on your property. 

RV Storage


Parking your RV, camper, or trailer can be a challenge. Not every neighborhood has space, and some HOA's don't allow them to be parked on the street. Besides, for such an investment, should they be parked on the street? Keep your recreational vehicles safe at our secure facility. We have covered and enclosed storage for RVs. 

Car Storage


Whether you need a place to keep your fun car, your classic car, or just somewhere to safely store a vehicle, car storage is the perfect solution. Self storage allows easy access, high-security, and protection from the elements. Use one of our self storage units as indoor parking for your car storage.

Recreational Storage


Secure Storage will help you maintain your peace of mind. Your investments will be well protected and easily accessible whenever you need them. When it comes to the combination of excellent service and storage security, Secure Storage cannot be matched. 

We have indoor storage for recreational vehicles, such as RVs, boats, jet skis, snowmobiles, motorcycles, cars, and much more. Your grandmother might value her set of china dishes. Your daughter might value her iPod and laptop. But you value your prized muscle car. Or, maybe you value your top-of-line speed-boat or RV; all the more reason to use one of our vehicle storage units.

If you're like most people, "toys" like these are very important to you. You've worked hard to afford them; you've invested time in their upkeep. The last thing you want is damage to come to them from water or theft. That's where Secure Storage comes in.

Look no further​! ​You can protect your recreational vehicles—and your investment. Why worry about potential vandalism, damage to your tires when they sit in mud for long periods of time? Or, worry about Neighborhood Association fines building up? We have the best solution for you. Reserve your spot now.

Contact us today to check out availability for our car, boat, and RV storage units.  ​