What Does Facility-Wide Safe Storage Really Mean?

secure-storage-facility-wide-security.jpgSince 1987, Secure Storage is proud to say that none of our safe storage facilities have experienced a single theft or any damage from vandalism or fire. We believe this stellar record is because of our facility-wide safe storage measures.

Each facility is surrounded by a high fence. They are well-lit and offer security cameras that monitor the comings and goings of tenants 24/7. As an added benefit each facility has an on-site residence manager, who truly ensures our facility-wide safe storage.

As you're researching safe storage facilities, confirm that a moving van can get directly to your unit. If not, you'll be stuck paying your Moving Company extra to do a "work-around." Which isn't a problem with us because we're completely street accessible.

So whether you're looking for secure mini storage or secure car storage, we have the best solution for you. Our safe storage record can't be topped by the competition. Nor can our friendliness and excellent customer service.

Contact us and come in to see for yourself.