Our Local Storage Includes Free Move-In Truck


If our great security features, clean walkways and easy to access local storage units haven't convinced you yet to go with us—let us tempt you with another amenity: a free move-in truck. Moving can be quite the challenge, often requiring people to rent a moving truck. Each of our ​six local storage locations offers customers' the chance to use our move-in truck absolutely free. All you have to do is fill up the tank and rinse the truck off before returning. That's all! If you are looking to rent a unit from us, be sure to ask about a free truck on location!
Secure Storage has always made security, accessibility, and customer service a priority. We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of storage rental options to our customers. Since we are always looking for ways we can improve your storage experience and make it as simple as possible, we offer our customers a complimentary move-in truck. Save yourself some time and money. No third-party moving service or truck rental hassles needed, just request your complimentary move-in truck and we will have it ready for you!
Secure Storage makes it easy for you to get organized, make space, or protect your valuables. Your investments are safe with us. If you have specific storage needs, we are happy to speak with you and find a way to meet those needs. Think of convenience and call or contact one of our managers today.