Boat Storage

Owning a boat means time spent on the open water during the warmer seasons of the year, but what about when you are not using your boat? Have you thought about vehicle storage options that will protect and shelter your craft? Leaving your boat parked in the driveway leaves it vulnerable to theft and damage, and most homeowners don’t have space or the desire to park their boat in the garage. So what is the solution? Secure Storage offers secure, protected boat storage, with both indoor and outdoor options, to help you protect your boat when you are not using it.

Boat Storage Features

At Secure Storage, we offer a number of different boat storage options depending on your needs. You will have the option to choose the boat storage features that work best for you. Some options include:

Covered Outdoor Storage – Covered outdoor storage is outdoor storage that keeps your boat under a cover that protects it from UV damage, rain, or snow exposure. We have 12x35 and 12x45 sized covered storage areas that will keep your boat protected throughout the off season, while making accessibility a breeze.

Outdoor Storage – If you have your own boat cover and just need a secure place to store your boat when it’s not in use, then consider outdoor storage. We have outdoor storage that features paved ground and secure fencing, so your boat is protected when you are not using it.

Enclosed Indoor Storage – If you want the ultimate protection, consider fully enclosed indoor boat storage. This will ensure the elements have no chance of touching your boat, giving you access when you need and protection when you are not using it.

As you are looking for the right storage option for your boat, remember to consider what surface it will be stored on and what security features the facility has. Surface is important, because dirt and mud can dry out and damage your boat trailer tires. Security is important, because you want to know that your boat is fully protected when you are not using it. Secure Storage offers concrete surfaces and optimal security so your boat storage is a perfect fit for your needs.

Finally, don’t forget to consider accessibility. While you want your boat to be protected from damage and theft, you also want to know that you can get to it when you are ready to use it. Look for a facility with access hours that work for you.  You will also want a facility that is easy to get your boat trailer in and out of when you use it.

The many storage options available from Secure Storage have all of these features, and more. If you are looking for indoor or outdoor storage for your recreational vessel, consider the options available from Secure Storage.

Outdoor Boat Storage

If you are looking for outdoor boat storage, you still need a secure storage facility that offers accessibility for your trailer when you are ready to use your boat. Secure Storage offers exactly that. Bring your boat and boat cover to our storage facility, and park it on a secure lot. You will have access when you want to use your boat, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your self-storage location uses state-of-the-art security to keep your boat protected. If you are looking for secure and safe outdoor boat storage, see the options available with Secure Storage.

Indoor Boat Storage

In addition to outdoor boat storage, Secure Storage offers indoor storage options. Our indoor self-storage units offers the best possible protection for your boat, ensuring it is fully protected from the elements. Our boat storage units are 24x39 or 24x45 feet, and feature extra wide roll-up doors, so you and have access with your vehicle and boat trailer. All indoor boat storage units have concrete floors, which keeps dust and dirt at bay and protects your boat. High, insulated ceilings enhance the space, while full lighting throughout the facility helps you stay secure and comfortable when you access your boat.

Reserve Boat Storage Space Today

Boat storage with Secure Storage is very popular. If you are looking for a safe place to store your boat, don’t wait. Reserve your boat storage unit today, or getting on our waiting list to ensure it is ready when you need it. Whether you are looking for long-term storage for your boat or need a temporary place to store your recreational vehicle during the off season, a self-storage facility from Secure Storage will fit the need well. Contact our team today.