Just Drive Up to a Car Storage Unit Today

secure-storage-car-storage.jpgOur vehicle storage customers come to us for a variety of reasons. Some want classic car storage to keep their vehicle in "mint" condition when not in use. Some want to store an extra vehicle for their son or daughter's future use—while others need winter car storage or auto storage when traveling overseas. Secure Storage offers what they need most and we can offer the secure car storage you're looking for as well.

We offer covered, outdoor and fully enclosed car storage units that can accommodate a single vehicle or slightly larger spaces that can accommodate other items too.

The Ultimate in Vehicle Storage

Several customers swear by our enclosed "toy" storage units for their vehicle storage needs. They are the ultimate garage. They have an extra wide roll-up door for larger recreational car storage and a standard door for your added convenience. They are composed of concrete floors, steel walls, insulated high ceilings and are fully lit.

Helpful Hint: If you plan to use either our standard vehicle storage or toy box storage long-term, then we recommend you do the following as further protection for your automobile:

  • Disconnect the positive lead to battery
  • Change the oil and filter
  • Make sure coolant levels are proper
  • Inflate the tires to proper pressure
  • Clean and wax the car
  • Slightly open a window
  • Release the parking break

So whether you seek exotic car storage, collector car storage or antique car storage, look no further than Secure Storage in Oregon. Drive up to one of our vehicle storage units today or contact us for further information.