RV Storage

secure-storage-rv-storage.jpgWe know the investment you made when you purchased your recreational vehicles, and we understand the importance they serve in your life. This is why we offer customers three options for RV storage. 

Option 1: Covered RV Storage

The sun, rain and snow can ruin the exterior of your prized camper, five wheeler or speed boat. To prevent such damage, Secure Storage offers you the perfect solution with our covered RV storage in Redmond. We provide both 12x35 and 12x45-sized covered RV storage spaces that can accommodate Class A and Class C motor homes, boats, vehicles, trailers and motorcycles.

  • Enjoy large wide entrances and spaces for easy access to your RV self-storage space
  • Covered stalls
  • On-site dump stations and restrooms for your convenience
  • An individual power breaker at each stall
  • Concrete surface so dirt is not tracked into coach

Option 2: Outdoor RV Storage

Some places have their customers store vehicles on dirt—not us—because mud can dry out and potentially damage vehicle tires. Also, some places don’t provide enough security. We help you eliminate these worries by offering the nicest and most secure outdoor RV storage in Hood River and Redmond. 

Option 3: Enclosed Recreational Vehicle Storage

Besides covered and outdoor vehicle storage, we also offer fully enclosed RV storage and indoor RV storage. These special ​RV storage units in ​Hillsboro and ​Redmond act as the ultimate garage—some even come equipped with an electric roll up door for ease of opening.

So avoid having to expand your driveway or garage for your RV self storage needs—instead call Secure Storage.